The Value of Self-Learning.



A few days ago, in a conversation with one of my sisters and which was referenced in the article: Creating An AutoScroll Extension For Chrome, I "committed" to writing something about "satisfaction of learning". That feeling of doing something for yourself, even though you know that there are other people who do it better than you. The pride that is experienced when we create something with our own hands, even if it is not perfect or original. If this has happened to you (I hope it has), then you know the value of self-learning.


Self-learning is the ability to acquire knowledge or skills without the help or supervision of a teacher or expert. It is a form of self-directed education, which is based on the curiosity, motivation and perseverance of the learner. It not only involves reading books or watching videos, but also practicing, experimenting, making mistakes and correcting. There are many benefits to self-study, both personal and professional. On the one hand, it allows you to develop your creativity, autonomy and self-esteem. It makes you feel more capable, more confident and happier. Likewise, it helps you improve your competitiveness, your adaptability and your innovation. It makes you more prepared, more updated and more in demand.


But self-study also has its challenges, and one of them is comparison. Sometimes when we learn something on our own, we tend to compare ourselves to others who do it better than us, and we feel frustrated, discouraged, or inferior. We think that it is not worth continuing to learn, because we will never reach their level, or because there are already enough people who know how to do it. However, this attitude is a mistake. It is not about competing with others, but about improving oneself and it is not measured by the result, but by the process. Self-learning is not a waste of time, but an investment in your future.


It is a form of personal improvement, that is, to improve capabilities, attitudes and values. When you learn something for yourself, you not only acquire new knowledge or skill, but you also develop other qualities that make you grow as a person. For example, it teaches to be curious, to seek information, to question what others say, to explore new topics and to broaden horizons. It is the motivation to have a purpose, to set goals, to strive to achieve them and to celebrate achievements. It helps to be perseverant, not to give up in the face of difficulties, to learn from mistakes, to look for solutions and to constantly improve.


These qualities are very valuable for life, allowing you to face challenges with confidence, optimism and determination. They will make you feel that you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to, and that you are in control of your own destiny. You will feel satisfied with yourself, and with what you do. Therefore, when you learn something for yourself, you should not compare yourself with others, but with yourself. We should not focus on what others do or know, but on what we do or know. You should not measure success by the result, but by the process. It is not seeking perfection, but progress.


But self-learning is also an investment in the future, that is, a way to prepare for the opportunities and changes that lie ahead. When you learn something for yourself, you not only get an immediate benefit, but you also create a long-term resource. A resource that can be used for many things, such as finding a job, starting a project, solving a problem or enjoying a hobby. It will allow you to stay up to date with the trends and innovations that occur in the world, and that may affect your personal or professional life. It gives the possibility to adapt and take advantage of new technologies, tools, markets and challenges that arise every day. It is the opportunity to diversify and enrich your profile, skills, knowledge and experiences.


These resources are very important for the future, you will be more prepared for the demands and opportunities that the world offers. You will be more competitive, flexible and innovative. You will have more options, possibilities and advantages. It will make you have more value, recognition and rewards. Therefore, learning is not a waste of time, but an investment. We should not think that other people do it better than us, but rather that there are other people who need it as much as we do. It is uprooting the idea that there are already enough people who know how to do it, but that there is always room for more people who want to do it.


Self-learning, as a form of education, will bring you many benefits, both personal and professional. It can be the way to develop creativity, autonomy and self-esteem. Help to improve adaptability and innovation in such a competitive world.




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