To curate or not, that is the question. To read, perchance to engage & upvote. Ah, there's the rub!

So you're an author right? Or a reader/curator? or both? Or maybe you're just one of those people who drop into these blogging platforms just to scoop up the crypto rewards, and penmanship quality is not something you particularly care for?

For now, let's assume that you fit into one of the first 3 categories as the 4th just doesn't bear mentioning.

So, we agree that you are either an author, reader or both. It's why you're here, on this blogging platform and probably on others too.

You aim to write regularly, perhaps once a day, a few times a week, once a week or just adhoc if the inspiration grabs you, but sometimes you go through a lull. It may be writer's block, or just tiredness/lack of motivation, or simply being too busy with everything else that life is throwing your way. And so you don't write as often as you would like to, your articles dry up for a bit and you start to feel like your blog is unravelling with the lack of momentum, along with the increasing lack of enthusiasm. Now more than ever it is important to engage with others in your community!

It was actually through reading an article on this evening that I was triggered to write this article as I had been thinking along similar lines, and @Jaxson says it really well in the article below which you should definitely take a look after this one:

It is so important to find the time to engage regardless of whether or not you are actively writing articles yourself, just to read a few articles each day, comment meaningfully on posts and keep active in the communities that you have joined. I have to caveat this and say that even when you are in the swing of things and writing articles freely and passionately, please do put aside time to be a consumer too. It is how we grow as people by exposing ourselves to diversity and knowledge.

Even though I am such a newb myself when it comes to blogging and writing articles (as they are relatively new genres for me) and perhaps it's because I am a newb, I like to read a mix of authors that I already follow and those that I haven't read before, and I do this with purpose and intention! I also take the time to read that article that has no upvotes as yet or low readership views, in the hope of being able to offer some peer encouragement and support, and get the upvotes and rewards started for someone else's post.

I like to challenge myself to read a diverse range of articles, ensuring I pick some that I would not normally "choose" to read. So when I come to the community as a reader, I dabble in a bit of fiction, poetry, life blogging, crypto articles, educational pieces. It's a bit like trying on clothes I guess. If you always just try on the same style, you may never find out if there are other more unfamiliar styles, potentially outside your comfort zone, that may just blow you away with how good they actually are or how right they feel once tried on for size, and how your own personal growth can benefit as a result :-)

Every story, no matter how big or how small, is important in it's own right. It doesn't have to be intellectual; it can come from a place of deep rooted emotion. It doesn't have to be to your exact taste or interest, but that doesn't make it uninteresting, so be kind, recognise and acknowledge when others have put themselves out there and produced a quality piece of work and give them that upvote if they deserve it.

You are part of a writing community. Presumably you chose to be here. So, be part of that community. Engage, support, uplift. Give articles an upvote, tip them an extra few cents to encourage or promote or simply say thank you for sharing something you found useful. And if you've exhausted your 5 free tips for the day on PublishoX for example, take a note of those extra articles that you read that you enjoyed, found interesting, written with passion, deserving and go back and give them the upvote and tip the next day. I know I do, and you may just have got a tip from me along the way because I took the time to read something that I wouldn't usually do or took the time to go back and tip you the next day.

In the diverse works I have read I have been blown away by crypto fiction that is so well written. You have to check out

I have enjoyed allowing myself to be virtually led on an evening walk in

I have read poetry that was heart warming

And I have read really good posts from blogging community stalwarts like @jaxson ( and @jaxsonmurph (

Not to mention the many great educational and crypto articles out there to be explored and enjoyed.

So go ahead, keep writing, keep reading, keep supporting your fellow bloggers and authors and allow yourself to continue to grow and learn in the process.

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