Ukraine intends to sell NFTs and drops crypto airdrop

 Ukraine's administration unexpectedly dropped its arranged crypto airdrop and said it would rather offer NFTs to raise supports following last week's Russian intrusion.




"After cautious thought we chose to drop airdrop," Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine's pastor for advanced change, posted from his checked Twitter account today. "All things considered, we will declare NFTs to help Ukrainian Armed Forces soon. We DO NOT HAVE any designs to give any fungible tokens."




Tricksters had before seemed to focus on Ukraine's raising money endeavors by giving a phony token intended to look official. News destinations revealed that this token was true and it assembled huge exchanging volume on decentralized trades. However there were different warnings that showed it was probable phony, including the manner in which the token was made to seem as though it was given from Ukraine's public Ethereum address - when it was rather given by an outsider.

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While the airdrop is done occurring, it was an effective advertising device in acquiring further gifts. After the airdrop was reported, gifts to Ukraine sloped up fully expecting a future token, with a huge number of dollars streaming into its money chests.


However while those later benefactors will not be getting the expected token, essentially they can say that they've currently been rough by a sovereign state.

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