Vitalik Butelin (etherum finder)donated shiba inu to India covid-19 funds

Ethereum finder vitalik butelin donates over $1.9million dollars worth of etherum and $1 billion with of shiba inu to India as covid-19 funds during to the rising cases this few weeks.


After the donation it was stated that the price of shiba inu reduce by 30% on may,14,2021


According to coindesk, the Shiba Inu coins Butelin donated were given to him and sent to his public wallet by its developers. 


Public transaction records - or blockchain ledgers - showed 50.7 million Shiba Inu coins were transferred to a wallet associated with the India COVID-Crypto Relief Fund. The transfer was from a wallet known to be owned by vitalik Buterin.


Based on the price of the coins when donated, Vitalik Butelin's contribution to the fund would rank among the largest donations to covid-19 funds.


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