Bee Network is a new blockchain system that provides a gamified experience for users to earn Bee, a cryptocurrency that can be mined from their mobile phone.

By playing the roles of Miner, Invitee, and Verifier, Bee players earn Bee rewards. To make Bee valuable, Bee has been carefully designed to be a network of real people who encourage players to exchange goods, services and expertise in real life with Bee balances and eventually list Bee on major cryptocurrency exchanges to buy and sell for real money.

Bee Network crypto money mandering game does not instantly take battery and charge. It will only have other insignificant charge consumption as it can be in the application, except that you will not need a device with high video card and operating power such as crypto money mining.

You need to activate your session for Bee Network Mining, and then you don't need to leave it open.
Bee Network will not run and consume in the background.

Currently, many sources on the internet in English state whether Bee Network is reliable or not, they have not experienced any loss in any other way. Therefore, it is thought that the progressive progress to Bee Network and Bee Coins as investment vehicles will increase further.

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