What is TrueFeedBack (TFB)? TrueFeedBack is a blockchain-based data collection and analysis platform. It stays anonymous in the TrueFeedBack app and is available in polls, tasks, etc. Share information earns TFB tokens.

TrueFeedBack turns all your data into rewards! Blockchain Technology! The data you share is kept in the blockchain. Thus, the data collector will belong to real persons and the reward distribution will be guaranteed. Stay Anonymous!

TrueFeedBack application does not collect your personal information. It only analyzes the data you have participated in. That way, you'll feel safe sharing your ideas.

Win Prizes! You can win prizes by participating in surveys, completing them, watching ads, playing games. Trust the Data! They rely on data collected from real users.

They can analyze useful in TrueFeedBack's data analysis platform and use this information to make effective decisions. Reach the masses! Collecting and analyzing data in TrueFeedBack is quite cheap.

You can reach thousands of people and buy their opinion on a product, service or anything. Data analysis! TrueFeedBack analyzes your collected data and shares the results with you. You can analyze your data further to find more information, create visuals and reports.

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Manavjeet Singh - Apr 20, 2021, 1:28 PM - Add Reply

Want to know the difference between tfb and tfbx

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