Win Cryptocurrencies and NFT with a Fun and Addictive Game!

I already have a good experience in the world of cryptocurrencies on how to make profits by trading, buying when they are low and selling when they are high, but recently another form of earnings has attracted me in cryptocurrencies, the so-called NFT.


Well, as I am far from being an Artist, I have always been a terrible designer haha, I looked for another area to venture into this world of NFTs and start earning good money, because I have read that many people are getting rich with the market of NFT.


So I ended up identifying myself with the Games area, as it is something easier for me, as I have always liked games.


A game I knew a short time ago and where you get the so-called rare and valuable items, the NFTs, is a very simple game called Kolobok.





There are several details of the game that you will only learn when you start playing it, but if it is to summarize the game, it is about putting the pets, called Koloboks, to breed, multiplying their population of koloboks, and also sending them, usually the fastest and healthiest, for the so-called Adventures, where if you are a winner you can win an NFT.


The game is really cool, but where do I make money from? Well, how you will earn money playing Kolobok will depend on your ability to negotiate pets in a Market Place where you will be able to trade your koloboks and also purchase some, in that Market place you can also sell your NFTs at a good price.


I don't have a good experience in the game, but I am playing for a few days and I often get more than 10 dollars a day in the WAX ​​token, depending on my trades.


The game runs on the WAX ​​platform, all you have to do is create an account, go to Dapps and search for Kolobok.


Good Fun and Good Earnings!

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