Xbox Series S-My perspective after one month

To get to the point from the start, the Xbox Series S is the most affordable next gen console and that is it's main selling point. Bearing this in mind, there's been a growing stigma that this is it's only selling point, and while I agree that it's it's major selling point I believe that this console offers alot more to budget gamers than it's its made to look like due to always being compared to the Series X and PS5.


Personally, being a fan of Xbox,my first option was the Xbox Series X. The difference doesn't have to be explained much, spec wise, the Xbox Series X is alot better. Storage is limited on the Series S- but it's nothing that an external hard drive can't solve.


What really amazed me was that we hit with the idea that 4k gaming is the standard and that's what next gen is about, but most 4k TV's are capped at 60ghz meaning you not going to get 120fps anyway if you don't fork out a hefty amount on your display. 


While 4k is now meant to be the standard, 1080p isn't a bad display, should you be pressured into buying a 4k tv because it's not next gen gaming if you don't have 4k- that's simply not true. 


This applies particularly if you not going to store more than 5 games at a time, some gamers don't need to store many games. Some gamers just want to play their favourite sports game online, or their favourite FPS game online.


If you wondering about the power though, although it's its made to look much more inferior to its capabilities, don't buy into that. The console loads fast, much faster than the Xbox One S and PS4.


Moreover, it's super quiet. I can nearly hear the fan make the slightest noise even when playing Cyberpunk 2077 - which I wouldn't recommend playing due to glitches. 


I've also enjoyed Fallout 4 on this console as much as I've enjoyed it on PC when it first came out.


And finally, we going to still be able to play all next gen games. Sure a disk drive is missing, but if you thinking about owning any next gen console without enough data for big updates, prepare for the worst. Otherwise, you may just get enough data to download games, especially if you on game pass. Even with a disk drive, new games are not going to depreciate in value so fast that buying the game while it's still popular will make it so much more cheaper than buying it brand new, and it's still most likely not to be buy a disk drive and pay for data, I rather just pay for one.


Overall, again, the Series X wins, unless you speaking from the casual budget gamers perspective because that's where the X cannot compete with the S.


After one month, am more than happy with my decision and want to let you know, if you believe you will be happy with the Series S but saving up for the X anyway because of the stigma, just get the Series S. 



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